Southeastrans is now VERIDA
Sept 1, 2022  |  Atlanta, Georgia

In 2000, the Georgia Department of Community Health awarded us our first contract, to manage the Atlanta Medicaid NET Region. With 30 employees, and a single call center, we were off and running, and we quickly became recognized as a leader in reliable, high-quality transportation services. Since then, we have grown to more than 1,200 employees, 900 transportation providers, six call centers, and 3 million patient members. We provide more than 5.5 million trips each year, safely and steadfastly connecting lives to the health care they need.

Our coverage has expanded to include Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, and Washington, D.C. And while we will always be Georgia born–and Georgia proud–we are not just a southern company anymore. And while our core business is Medicaid NEMT–we are not just a transportation company anymore.

Every day we are exploring new opportunities to connect people with much-needed care and medicine. Every day we are exploring new ways to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Today we are very good. We want to be even better–and bolder–tomorrow. And that means embracing change. Looking at every win and asking, “what’s next?” And what’s next for Southeastrans is this: as of (September 1st), Southeastrans will be named Verida.

Verida is a name with energy and motion, much like the company we have built together. It is inspired by the word “Veritas”–which means truth. And the word “ride”, which is a nod to our core business and where we began. This name will allow us to win anywhere–not just in the Southeastern United States. And it will allow us to win any way–as we expand our scope of business beyond patient transportation.

Welcome to Verida.

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