Verida Participates in Annual THV11 Summer Cereal Drive
June 5, 2024  4:15 PM CST  |  North Little Rock, Arkansas
By: Keith Sutton

Verida Arkansas team participates in Arkansas Summer Cereal Drive receiving donations of cereal for the local community.

Verida’s Arkansas operation had an incredibly special day. In its first year, our team participated in the annual THV11 Summer Cereal Drive. This event comes to Arkansas communities by way of the local TV station, THV11 and the Arkansas Food Bank. The drive took place in North Little Rock today.


As one of Arkansas’ largest and best-known hunger relief initiatives, we are excited to celebrate two-plus decades of growth and unprecedented success. The Arkansas Foodbank celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, and we challenge teams and individuals to make this the most successful Summer Cereal Drive yet!, the group stated on its website at THV11 Summer Cereal Drive – Arkansas Foodbank


The Verida team was stationed right outside the local Walmart to receive as many donations of cereal boxes as possible. This event has a keen focus on overcoming food desserts and ensuring children have cereal to add to their daily nutrition.


“It was a wonderful day for Arkansas Verida to be involved in the 2024 Annual Cereal Drive. We were a new team this year and really enjoyed meeting with the people from the food bank and we will continue to participate in activities that the Food Bank has throughout the year,” says Cynthia Washington, State Director for the Arkansas Verida operation. Watch highlights from today’s events by the following link and view through to the second segment to hear from Verida’s team: Miss Metro Ciara Callicott founded non-profit focused on fighting poverty |


Verida has been providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to Medicaid Members and especially children (as well as adults) in more than two-thirds of the state of Arkansas for over 11 years.


About Summer Cereal Drive
Since 2000, teams across central and south Arkansas have competed to provide the most cereal to our neighbors facing hardships — particularly children — during summer months. While many of us look forward to summer, 1 in 5 children in our state face increased levels of food insecurity as schools close classrooms and kitchens during summer break.


About Verida
Verida is a minority-owned, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) management company based in Villa Rica (30 miles west of Atlanta), Georgia. Specializing in the unique challenges of NEMT programs for state Medicaid and managed care organizations, we provide comprehensive NEMT administrative services. This includes call center services; eligibility verification using proven gatekeeping processes; claims management; transportation provider credentialing and monitoring; utilization review; fraud, waste, and abuse mitigation; and quality management.


Backed by over 20 years of NEMT broker experience, Verida currently provides transportation and management services in: • Arkansas • Georgia • Indiana • Louisiana • Mississippi • Tennessee • Washington DC. 

For more information about Verida, visit

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